Pool maintenance

Brazos Valley sees an increase in demand for pool maintenance

BRAZOS COUNTY, Texas – With the warm temperatures we see here in the Brazos Valley, a dip in the pool feels refreshing, but pool maintenance comes first.

It’s more than the look of your pool, it’s about water chemistry.

Alex Munse is the owner of Basic Pool Repair and said he’s seen an increase in business since COVID.

“Since COVID, the busy season started a little early. It now usually starts around spring break and lasts for months until late summer,” Munse said. “That’s when rush hour is, but before it was just a few weeks, now it’s a few months.”

With its rush hour running all summer, Munse said it’s booked for up to a year and encourages pool owners not to wait for a small problem to turn into a bigger problem.

“Any problem, even if it seems like something minor, can turn into something major very quickly,” Munse said.

“If the equipment isn’t working properly, your pool turns into a pond pretty quickly. You might have a week without circulation, then the algae starts growing and no one wants to swim in it.

With higher demand for pool maintenance, Munse said finding supplies to keep her business running has been a struggle.

“With the supply line issues, that’s definitely a hurdle to overcome,” Munse said. “I try to work with different suppliers and find as many things as possible, but honestly my biggest help has been other pool companies.”

With some community pools limiting opening hours due to the shortage of lifeguards, building home pools in the Brazos Valley is gaining popularity.

Paradise Oasis Pools in Bryan is seeing an increase in those wanting to build their own pool.

“The last two years have just been a significant increase in our usual pool sales,” said Brooke Carnes, pool designer, Paradise Oasis Pools.

Brooke Carnes is the pool designer at Paradise Oasis Pools and says people bring paradise to their backyard.

“The last two years have been kind of unprecedented times because the world has shut down, so people have literally had to bring their paradise, where people would vacation, to their own backyards,” said Meats.

Munse said with people being home during COVID, they realized the importance of pool maintenance.

“Especially at the height of the pandemic, everyone was staying home and all the kids were home from school,” Munse said. “Everyone was using their pools, that’s when they realized, when people use it more, that’s when they notice more problems.”

Having your own swimming pool seems to be the desire of many in the Brazos Valley.

Carnes says each pool is designed from a virtual outline of the client’s backyard.

“We have a pool studio,” Carnes said. “It’s a program I use on my computer where I can put a model of their house and I model the pool so they can see exactly what it’s going to look like.”

According to Carnes, how quickly to build pools depends on the weather. With the high demand, they finish the pools in six to seven weeks.

“A lot of time which imposes different schedules,” Carnes said. “Everything is outside. The pool is outdoors so the weather affects it significantly.

And with the extreme temperatures, Carnes says their crews need to take more breaks.

Munse said with the shortage in the supply chain, it was difficult for him to find supplies.

“Supply line issues are definitely killing us,” Munse said. “I have a few parts that have been on the way for about six months. I don’t know when they will arrive here. Some things the makers tell me they can’t get at all.

If you own a swimming pool, Munse recommends that you maintain your pool weekly, especially during the summer months.