Pool maintenance

Now is the time to speed up pool maintenance | Cowra Guardian

It might not be hot enough to soak your toes in the water right now, but many Cowra pool owners will be making their first dip next month.

And with swimming season quickly approaching, now is the time to make sure your water quality is in tip top condition, according to Matt Thompson, who maintains a number of Cowra Pools.

“You should start now,” Thompson advises Cowra Pool Owners.

A small expense now, he says, could save you hundreds of dollars if you wait too long.

If you covered your pool during Cowra’s winter month, now is the time to remove the covers.

“I’m taking off all the covers (now),” he said of the pools he maintains in Cowra.

If you maintain your own swimming pool, you should do the same.

“If not now, they need to be removed by the end of this month to allow your pools to aerate,” he said.

“If you have a blanket, the chlorine levels will have reached such a level that they will remove all the buffer (alkalinity).

“If the weather gets really hot quickly and your pool is a little behind the eight ball, the water will turn green.”

The Bureau of Meteorology does not forecast hot days this week with high temperatures in the late teens, but Cowra was hit with mid-twenties temperatures in late August to early September.

Mercury also hit 20 lows last Friday and over the weekend.

The unpredictable nature of the weather today, coupled with Cowra’s rainy winter, poses a number of challenges for pool owners.

“Every pool I’ve been to with all the rain, the majority that I’ve been to that are salt or minerals (based) need salt or added minerals.”

These extra chemicals are needed because pool owners had to pump their pool water several times last winter to keep it from overflowing.

But don’t despair if your pool isn’t looking too inviting right now.

The quality of your water will not turn green overnight and any problem that does arise can be rectified in no time.

“Because there is no heat right now, you have time, but if we were to go from the temperatures we had to a week of 25 degrees and you don’t have your chlorine level, you’ll start to run into problem, ”Thompson said.

“But if you catch the problem fast enough, you can restore water quality fairly quickly.

“I had a pure green raw pool and cleaned it and got it back on track in two days, but it’s expensive.

“Spending $ 20 or $ 30 now could save you $ 200 or $ 300 in a matter of weeks,” he said.