Swimming pool contractors

Spalding Pool Contractors have been told they must deliver after a week of pool issues

Contractors who run leisure centers in the area have been told they have to deliver – after a week of problems at the pool.

Parkwood and Lex Leisure had to hire a contractor to fix a problem with Spalding Castle Sports Complex swimming pool on Thursday after it is closed for most of the week.

Councilor Gary Taylor, the district’s communities and facilities portfolio holder, said some of the problems were due to staffing issues.

Spalding Castle Pool. (56960128)

He said: “Parkwood needs to step up because the taxpayer supported Parkwood during Covid (with grants) and they need to continue the contract.

“They need to resolve the issue as soon as possible and counseling is one of the cases.”

Members demanded compensation after not being able to use the facilities for most of this week. The company did not respond to our question about this.

Councilor Taylor said: ‘I think it needs to be looked at. Parkwood has to live up to the contract and we made that clear to them this week.

‘During the lockdown council staff have been drafting tenders to secure funds for leisure contractors.’

The pool was closed on Wednesday and Monday with staffing issues affecting Saturday’s family swim.

A spokesperson for Lex Leisure said: “The main pool reopened first thing this morning (Friday) for lane swimming. The site is currently carrying out work relating to the learner pool, which is temporarily closed. and will be reopened as soon as possible. Once again, we apologize for the inconvenience.