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Technology improves pool maintenance | western australia

There’s still plenty of sunshine this summer, and if you’re lucky, that still means plenty of days spent enjoying your pool.

For those conscious of their energy and maintenance bills, Theralux Director Eddie Lloyd said advances in modern technology have been a game-changer, improving efficiency and ultimately making saving pool owners money. He spoke to New Homes about some clever ways to cut pool costs.

First and foremost, the installation of a variable speed pump.

“Unlike inefficient one or two speed pumps, variable speed pumps allow you to adjust and set the exact flow rate you need for your pool, allowing you to capitalize on the golden rule of water circulation. Pool: slower is better,” Mr. Lloyd mentioned.

“These beauties can save you hundreds on your electric bills compared to the traditional single-speed pool pump.”

As well as offering far greater energy efficiency, Lloyd said variable-speed pumps were significantly quieter and produced cleaner, clearer water.

In fact, the low volume of new technologies also makes them more economical.

“Previously pool equipment was noisy which meant you had to run it during peak hours to avoid disturbing your neighbours,” Mr Lloyd said.

“Modern pool equipment now focuses on quietness, so you can run your filtration and heating systems during off-peak hours, making the most of lower energy rates while being a neighbor.”

These days, you can even use an app to automate your pool and diagnose problems before they develop and require costly repairs.

Increasingly popular among Australian pool owners, Mr Lloyd said Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) water treatments streamline maintenance – no chemicals required.

“These devices slip into your existing setup, allowing you to reduce chlorine levels in tap water and clarify your pool water without using chemicals,” he says.

“It will save a lot of money previously spent on chemicals and will make it easier to maintain your pool.”

Finally, switching to a mineral pool has many benefits, with the process being easier than you might think, according to Lloyd.

There are generally two approaches, he said, the first being minerals only, where you buy a mix of minerals and use it in conjunction with your pool salt.

“This is the simplest form of mineral pool conversion that still offers a very noticeable swimming and energy saving difference,” said Mr Lloyd.

“It takes less than five minutes to add to water and you can do it yourself.”

The second is a PDO treatment, such as that delivered by Theralux’s Quantum unit, in addition to a mineral conversion, which typically takes a professional less than an hour, with no need to remove the existing equipment.

“It’s an entirely new pool experience,” Lloyd said. “Once you’ve swum in one, you won’t look back

“Not only are mineral pools amazing for swimming and helping your pool stay clear, they also descale your equipment, making it last longer and keeping money in your pocket.”

As additional advice, Mr Lloyd said it was important to remember that prevention is always better than cure when it comes to swimming pools, and recommended testing your water regularly.

“Also add a regular phosphate remover to keep algae at bay — phosphate is a food source for algae — and to free up your sanitizer to do its job effectively,” he says.